Air Pollution Control System

Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber is a cleaning polluted air by liquid and also as an “Absorber” The most common type are plate, Spray tower and pack tower.  The  function  of  these  tower  is  to  mist  eliminate  gaseous pollutants based on mass transfer  operation. By using  appropriate liquid, The Pollutant can be removed such as NaOH, to remove HCl or SO2 to remove H2S. For more information please call 02-115-4600, 093-995-4958


Type of Wet Scrubber

  • Counter flow Scrubber
  • Cross flow Scrubber


For the Counter Flow Scrubber is upward while liquid stream is downward throughthe packing. According to the shape of the scrubber, it require less installation area but requires higher space.


For the Cross Flow Scrubber gas stream passes horizontally through the packing section while liquid stream is dounward. This type require more installation area but shoter space is needed.




Web Scrubber


Accessories for Service Scrubber System

FRP Ducting & Fitting

Centrifugal Blower

FRP  Hoods

Packing Media

Spray Nozzle

Packing Support

Chemical Piping System

Electrical Control System

FRP Tanks


Reference Project


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